About us

About us

After graduation, I always wanted to do something for people who can not travel the world or places they wanted to see. Although I am lucky enough to travel in many countries around the world but I was not able take all my loved one’s with me and always feel and wished they could have seen the world same like me. Although it was my imagination but many products and technology came in last few years, which made it possible for individuals to experience the things they always wanted to see. Through Virtual Reality we can reprogram the mind. We can also help them play games, visit places they imagined or not even imagined.

I still believe their is still lot more advanced technology is yet to come in this industry. Virtual reality is the future and it will become reality also one day. It will make it possible for anyone to walk with their loved one’s anywhere in the world. I truly believe that Virtual Reality is a game changer if used in right way.

We also work with some charities in our Business and your support to try one of the product will help us reach to the people, who lost their hopes.

Time has come for a change



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